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We provide retail networks and shops with a complete ecosystem to facilitate their access to suppliers’ product data. We work with leading retail networks in Poland, and together are building a nationwide product database.

WiseBase means:
- complete and up-to-date product descriptions, with web images, printable images and logistics data
- correct and legally compliant data
- a straightforward product purchase process
- fast data access


Contact us for unlimited 24-hour access to information about your retail partners’ product ranges. All data we hold are prepared in accordance with e-commerce standards.

Download the latest product information straight from the supplier. At WiseBase you will find material to expand your shop’s range, including on the web and in promotional publications and marketing operations.

Estimate warehouse space requirements and expected delivery costs. Product information at WiseBase contains not only sales data, but also logistics, so you can be better prepared to receive delivery of the products your shop orders.

Build customer confidence and your shop’s image with attractive and accurate product descriptions. WiseBase’s guaranteed standardisation of retail data will help you stand out from many other shops on the market, and will translate long-term into growth in sales.


Database size

Work with numerous entities, and access new products
and suppliers.


Catalogued products comply with e-commerce standards.


Downloaded data can be used on your shop’s website, in promotional publications and other marketing operations.


Downloaded data contains information to help you in warehouse
space planning and estimating delivery costs.