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WiseBase collects and processes information about your products, and provides it to retail networks. For our partnered retail networks we are the key supplier of accurate data. In many cases it is not possible to begin sales of new products without filling out a card for them in WiseBase. It is our mission to minimise the time spent preparing and sending the product descriptions your sales partners need.



Choose the account options that suit your needs and register as a supplier with WiseBase. You can add, or order the adding of, up-to-date information about your product supply range. Data are catalogued according to e-commerce standards.

The information held in WiseBase automatically reaches your sales partners, who use it for commercial and marketing purposes. With WiseBase you can be certain that the data your partners have complies with all regulations.

WiseBase gives you uninterrupted access to stored information. You can instantly update, add or edit, informing your sales partners of content changes.

Shops receiving information from WiseBase have consistency in the content and look of their product information, which positively affects their business. Customer satisfaction translates into an increase in your partners’ satisfaction and their desire to expand cooperation with your business.


Savings in time and money

WiseBase – a single database used by multiple shops. Enter your data once to provide it to large numbers of shops.

Your company’s database

You can use WiseBase as your company’s central product database.


Catalogued products comply with e-commerce standards.

Full legal conformity

WiseBase provides standardised product forms which comply with legal requirements, ensuring that you provide correct data to your partners.


With WiseBase you know which of your product descriptions your partners currently need.

Technical support

Paid-subscription suppliers have access to telephone and email technical support.

Peace of mind

Relax – with WiseBase you always have access to your products in a form that is simple for you, your employees and your retail partners.