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?1. What does WiseBase do?
WiseBase collects and stores product information from suppliers and provides it to shops. We offer a complete service and professional support at every point you have contact with our stored content.
?2. What information does WiseBase gather?
We collect data essential to suppliers, customers and shops. They include logistics and marketing information, and information which might help a shopper in making a decision to buy. The more information you provide when entering products into the database, the greater the chances of making a sale.
?3. How can you be sure that database content is accurate?
Product data accuracy is always confirmed by suppliers. This method guarantees that database content is verified and reliable.
?4. Who does WiseBase work with?
WiseBase provides data to retail networks. If you would like to join them, contact us.
?5. How can the WiseBase database’s product information be used?
The range of uses for WiseBase data is extremely broad. It includes not only e-commerce, but also promotional materials or product labels. The database contains information which is relevant to warehousing, transport cost estimations or management of internal databases.
?6. Why do product registration forms contain so many required fields?
WiseBase forms have been prepared in collaboration with shops. We make every effort to ensure that required fields are appropriate to a given product category, so that the shop can fully represent your products and effectively manage product data.

We have prepared a special handbook with a step-by-step explanation of WiseBase services.